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We provide innovative and disruptive solutions.

Athena Equity helps its clients navigate an uncertain future, offering innovate consulting that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Our focus lies on innovative and disruptive ideas, which often require us to walk unconventional paths.

Simply put, the purpose of our company is to enable business ideas to have the most positive impact in the market.

Strategic Consulting


Bright Solutions. Profitable Results.

Athena Equity supports you in the development of your project with heart and soul. Our board network of specialits guarantees the implementation of your strategy at the highest level.

Our advisory services are specialized in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, fundraising for social impact projects and technology companies, re-structuring and scaling of innovate business projects, HR infrastructure sourcing/scaling and procurement of commodities.

With our extensive network and expertise in disruptive businesses, we turn your ideas into successful business models to effectively and efficiently position your product in a global market environment.

Project Management


No project too big. No project too small.

Our experts accompany you during all the stages of project management, from the idea to the planning, implementation, deployment of capital and cost management.

Every cents counts, especially on bigger projects which is why we undergo a strict onboarding process with clear project plans to ensure you get the best possible service, resources and delivery.

Our team offers support with preparation, competition analysis, structuring, compilance and organization to help you realise your project in full, on time.

Sourcing and compliance


Complex sourcing, made simple.

Our clients use us to assist with complex sourcing and compliance for global commodities from multiple jurisdictions around the world.

We provide our clients with professional experience in the sourcing of traditional commodities, medical products, information technology systems and human resources for scaling of technology projects.

Athena Equity simplifies global procurement and compliance for clients with the integration of efficient and transparent systems.

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